Morin Promenade

The Passeggiata Morin (Morin promenade), named after the serviceperson and politician Costantino Morin, is one of most beloved and popular places among locals and one of the symbols of the city. A few steps from the historical center and directly facing the sea, it is the perfect place to spend the sunny winter days, or to cool off under the shade of the palm trees, arranged in two rows along the sides.

Walking down this promenade from end to end, you will have a 360-degree view of La Spezia, from the Apuan Alps on the eastern part of the Gulf to the hills on the opposite side.

This place is entirely car-free and each years hosts the celebration for the Palio del Golfo, the traditional regatta where 13 teams corresponding to 13 city districts or seaside villages across the Gulf compete in this stretch of sea in the first Sunday of August.


Passeggiata Costantin Morin, La Spezia