Spetialis - Show on the high terrace at the Castello San Giorgio Museum

9.00pm – 9.30pm

Show on the upper terrace

Traveling Theatre

Suggestive, dynamic and interactive animations through music, singing, rhyming narration, juggling and juggling.

The Jesters of the Merry Brigade: Giorgio Stefano Baratto: storyteller, juggler, frame percussion, Sabrina Tinghi: singing, hurdy-gurdy, medieval guitar, Luciano Sberze: bagpipes, flutes, nykelarpa, David Baratto: bandolier drums, darbouka, nagarat

Civic Museum of the Castle of San Giorgio

via XXVII marzo - La Spezia

tel. 0187.751142

museo.sangiorgio@comune.sp.it - museodelcastello.museilaspezia.it

Cumulative ticket for Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October €8.00

Family ticket €12.00 one day, €20.00 two days