Spetialis - Traditional Arts and Crafts at the Civic Ethnographic Museum "Giovanni Podenzana

Pro Loco Borgo del Piagnaro "Hands and Minds":

Davide Angella - Creation of traditional games, working with papier-mâché and recycled materials
Giacomo Cappetta - Creative carpenter
Clara Cavellini - Manual spinning
Maria Pia Elia - Working and decorating ceramics
Emilio Furia - Sandstone sculpture
Isabella Iardella - Creation of lace using tatting and macramé
Andreina Micheli - Wool dyeing with natural products and knitting
Sandra Passalacqua - Leatherworking, shoemaking, and bookbinding
Corrado Perazzo - Artistic stained glass and lutherie
Roberto Antonio Pietrafesa - Ironworking, reproduction of tools and weapons from various historical periods
Francesca Lilia Piras - Jewelry making, reproduction of jewelry from different historical periods
Antonella Rolla - Weaving on a manual loom
Tiziana Valerio - Embroidery, ancient stitches, and various embroidery and sewing techniques  

"Cose belle di una volta": group from the Parish of Santa Maria Maddalena in Adelano di Zeri - Reproductions of ancient traditional costumes worn by the inhabitants of our territory in the past
Andrea Varesi Liserio - Chair maker, the last builder of Bratto's sofas
STEL - Lathe work for corzetti stamps and more  


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Combined ticket for Saturday, September 30th, and Sunday, October 1st: €8.00
Family ticket: 12.00 euros for one day, 20.00 euros for two days.