Complesso delle Clarisse

The Complex of the Poor Clares consists of the convent, the cloister, and the Chiesa di Santa Cecilia (Church of Saint Cecilia). In the past, this complex was home to most of earthenware objects of the Fabbricotti collection and of the San Vito area. 

The cloister was a three-floor building, with a great entrance hall and two rows of galleries, one above the other. The church and the cloister were meant to host the archeological collection, while the two upper floors were supposed to host the ethnographic and naturalistic exposition. However, these intents were not brought to completion as the outbreak of World War II prevented it. In 1943, part of this complex was destroyed by the Allies’ air raids. 

To this day, the restoration and requalification project includes a new electrical system to secure the area. The aim is to create a series of guided itineraries also offering tourist services. At the same time, the idea would be to intervene on the degradation process and to create educational areas to give back to the public the great archeological heritage the once this place cherished.


Via XX Settembre, 19121 La Spezia