Batteria Valdilocchi

batteria valdilocchi

The Valdilocchi Military Battery, created in 1880, pertains to the extensive defense system of the Gulf of La Spezia: it is one of the few local fortifications to have a peculiar pentagon plant. Fortifications like this protected the most powerful Italian navy base of that time and the industrial hub close to it. 

The military battery stands on the top of a hill and, thanks to its rear and raised position, could watch over the entire valley of La Spezia and its eastern entry points. The local defense system included two fortification lines: one guarded the sea front and prevented seaborne attacks, whereas the other prevented land attacks by troops coming from East, West or from behind. 

The restoration works on the Validlocchi Military Battery aim at safeguarding this piece of architectural heritage by preventing structural collapses and slowing down the degradation process. New value is given to this cultural asset to let people re-discover and see the past and to restore the other existing structures. 


A15, 19136, SP