Church of Saint Stephan of Marinasco

Not far from La Spezia, behind the city, there is Marinasco, a rich and ancient parish church, where Chiesa di Santo Stefano stands, overlooking the city and the gulf. The earliest documentary evidence dates back to 950.

The church presents Gothic features, even though traces of a previous Roman structure can still be seen.
On the external part, there is a structure made of squared sandstone stones, coming from the Vadipino and Casella hills, and of light blue-colored limestone stones, coming from mount Parodi.

Between 1780 and 1784, a new belltower became necessary in order for it to guarantee better stability to the church, preventing it from collapsing. As of today the orientation of the church is inverted.

On the inside, the building is divided into three baroque aisles, it contains rich paintings, statues, and decorations, including putti and acanthus leaves close to the high altar.
The church suffered structural damage forcing the authorities to close it in order to secure the building. At the moment, works to make it structurally safe is still in progress.


Via Montalbano Sotto Marinasco, La Spezia